The Illinois Residence Hall Association(IRHA) was founded in 1977 to provide leadership development and cooperation between institutions of higher education in Illinois. IRHA brings student leaders who work within residence hall environments across the state together every year to showcase programing focused on leadership, diversity, and personal development, networking between institutions, and recognizing the successes of affiliate institutions. All of which takes place at an annual conference which is local, cost effective, and high quality. IRHA serves Residence Hall Associations and National Residence Hall Honorary Chapters of large and small institutions.

A Message from the President

Hello IRHA!

My name is Anne Gonzales and I have the privilege to be your president for the IRHA 2019-2020 academic year! A little about me, I am a junior majoring in biological sciences and minoring in chemistry and deafness. I have attended several leadership conferences both state-wide and regionally. I was an IRHA delegate my first year in college and I feel like I have grown so much as a person. From these conferences, I gained the confidence to believe that I could make a difference in my community and in people’s lives.

As a result of the confidence that stemmed from IRHA, I became a member on the IRHA Executive Board my sophomore year as the Vice President of Recognition and NRHH. I was inspired by how many bids were written about members of all our communities, and how hard everyone works (CC’s, Advisors, Professional Staff, RHA & NRHH boards, and students) to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for personal and professional development.

As president this year, I have several goals in an attempt to create the same environment that I have experienced, for others. One of my main hopes is to increase interest in our conferences and the IRHA board. The board and I have been working to introduce new content and concepts that will, hopefully, enhance everyone’s experience with IRHA.

We are also very excited to be working with Western Illinois University as they plan the next annual conference. They have worked tirelessly to organize IRHA 2020 to be a place where people can cultivate leadership and communication skills, as well as meaningful connections.


Please feel free to reach out to anyone on the board with any questions that may arise. We are here to support not only IRHA as an organization, but every individual that IRHA represents.

Anne Gonzales

Current IRHA Board

Anne Gonzales

IRHA President 

Institution: Northern Illinois University
Fun Fact:“I have two Mini Golden doodles. Their names are Wrigley and Ernie!”



IRHA Coordinator of Information and Technology Services

  Institution: North Central College

Fun Fact: "I own 14 plants."

Chris Smith 

IRHA Advisor

Institution: Aurora University
Fun Fact: “I have never broken a bone in my body.”

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